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To help underprivileged or disabled youth receive computers and a computer education.



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About Our Founder - Rhodes Scholar Ankur Luthra


Who are we?
Computer Literacy 4 Kids (CL4K), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in the year 2000.
While studying computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, founder Ankur Luthra noticed that nearby high schools and middle schools had a severe lack of computers and computer science tutors. CL4K was founded to help fill this need for computer-related items and education, and the Organizationís first chapter opened in Berkeley, CA, in the year 2000. 

CL4K has been generously supported by donations from indivuduals, whether $20 or $500 or a laptop donation, as well as companies such as Microsoft, Google, Flextronics, and Wells Fargo. 

CL4K accepts laptops and financial donations to purchase laptops for the children we help.

A single laptop can change a student's ability to succeed in school. So no donation is too small.

Please see the link to the left --- An Example of Our Work --- to see how our process works, from receiving the donation to our donating it to students in need.

Who do we help?

The Organization's goal is to help underprivileged or disabled youth across the United States and occasionally in foreign countries such as India. 

We find these students through contact with teachers and social workers across the country. These individuals work closely with the students and know well the need these children face. As a result, we do not have an application process for our help --- rather we go and find the students in need and help them directly. 

100% of CL4K's funds and resources will be used to purchase and deliver laptops to the students. No member, including the President and Board of Directors, takes any salary.


How can you help?

CL4K accepts two kinds of donations
  1. Laptop computers. We accept functional laptops that were high end about 3 years ago or less. We are able to ship these across the country to children in need, whether in the Easy Bay California or in the Bronx New York. 
  2. Financial donations used to purchase laptops for the children we help.

All donated items go directly to the children. Our mission is to help children in need --- as such, no CL4K member is allowed to take salary, as dictated in the firm's bylaws. All financial donations are used to help fund the purchasing and delivery of computers for the students.

What do you get for helping out?

Obviously, the best thing you get is the great feeling of helping a student in need. True joy in life comes from giving back. 

CL4K is a 501(c)(3) non-profit firm, which means your donations are tax-deductible. CL4K will provide you with a signed, dated, official receipt of your donations, a copy of which you can give to the IRS when you write-off your donation. 

For more information, please click our "Donation Information" link on the left menu or click here.

Contact Information


- General contact - CL4K-contact [at] CL4K.org   (when emailing, please change " [at] " to @)

- Our President - CL4K-President [at] CL4K.org   (when emailing, please change " [at] " to @)


- We may be reached at (408) 337-CL4K (2545).